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Apps to Make Life with Disability Easier

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Even if you wasn’t born with a disability, adapting to everyday life can be difficult. Simple things that you never even gave a thought become huge obstacles that feel impossible to overcome. If you are burdened by a disability or disorder, technology will be your new best friend. Mobile phone apps can really improve the quality of life for those who have an impairment. For example, mobility scooters help you to get around; you can use apps that let you know you if the place you’re travelling to is mobility scooter-friendly. With help like this, it can save you the hassle of finding an alternative method if your destination isn’t compatible for your scooter. That’s only the tip of the iceberg though.

For Those Struggling with Sight

As a generation, we absolutely adore our mobile phones, to a point where we use them for over half of the day every day. However, when suffering from blindness, you can miss out on the fun of using a mobile phone. Not anymore, as Google TalkBack helps the blind to navigate their device! Simple features such as vibration and spoken and audible feedback are included within the app, providing the solution that you need. Plus, you don’t need the app open all day long – all you need to do is activate it via your phone settings, which can save your mobile a considerable amount of battery! “What is it that you’re laughing at? Whatever, I’ll just use Google TalkBack to find out myself!”

For Those Struggling with Speech

It can be severely frustrating for those with a speech disorder to interact with their loved ones, but now, whether you live with Cerebral Palsy, brain damage of Parkinson’s disease, there is a way to effectively communicate with others. The Talkitt app allows people with a speech disorder to communicate by translating their pronunciation into understandable speech. The app is able to recognise the patterns of speech from the person suffering with a speech disability, so it can speak their words in a more coherent manner. Not only does this allow your loved ones to understand you better, but it can also build up your speaking confidence and making you feel more comfortable in social situations.

For Those Struggling with Touch

Whether you’ve needed an arm to be amputated for medical reasons or you were unfortunately born without one, using a mobile phone seems useless. Not with Assistive Touch, though. By using this app, you will be provided with virtual buttons, allowing you to navigate your phone without physically touching it. There are a whole range of buttons included, such as a screenshot button, a volume button and the essential home button, helping you to use your phone as effectively as any other person.

For Those Struggling with Communication

Socialisation is a crucial skill to learn whilst growing up, but for children suffering with autism spectrum disorders, Down’s syndrome or Angelman’s Syndrone, this becomes an unfathomable task. That’s why Avaz is now available in app stores, as it makes communication much easier for this group of people. Essentially, the app allows children to speak using pictures, which can be used in therapy sessions to generally develop language skills and to encourage children to communicate to others more. Pictures and symbols are correlated with a high-quality voice synthesis as well, making it much easier for children to understand. With Avaz, you can be reassured that your child will become more confident and excited about communicating, overcoming the disadvantages of their disability.

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