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Bathroom Solutions for Men to Consider for Enhancing Their Morning Grooming Routine

In past years, the routine of men’s grooming often only included a shower and maybe running a comb through one’s hair. However, just as women feel better when they practice self-care, so do men. And in this regard, male grooming habits have undergone an enormous transformation in recent years. While it was difficult to find off-the-shelf grooming products for men in the past, now there are whole aisles dedicated to products for men.

And with this increased focus on male grooming, many men are spending more time in the bathroom taking care of their bodies and appearance – and it’s not just a few men doing this, either. A recent survey showed that 41% of men report spending 31 to 45 minutes in the bathroom each day getting ready for the day. Considering that only 30% of women spent this much time in the bathroom to put that in perspective. The gap between what each gender spends on grooming products is also narrowing. On average, women spend $35 a month on grooming products, while the average male spends $29 a month. This data shows that the market for men’s grooming products is nearly as robust as that of women.

A large portion of the time men spend in the bathroom is taken up by showering, shaving, washing their face, and brushing their teeth. These tasks are essential for many men to achieve basic hygiene and appear presentable and clean. After all, much of public perception and first impressions are often based on physical appearance, which relies on personal hygiene as a foundation. Many men also find this additional focus on grooming to be very effective at attracting potential dating partners!

And while women also spend time in the bathroom for grooming, they are often looking for space to relax and enjoy a more spa-like experience. On the other hand, men seem to appreciate the functional aspects while also recognizing that having a germ-free bathroom experience is essential, given today’s health and wellness trends.

So, with this in mind, here are a few bathroom solutions for men to consider to enhance their morning routine.

1. Add a heated towel rack

Most grooming routines require a full body towel and several face towels. Consider buying a heated towel rack to avoid increasing your laundry load and spending time and money on constantly washing your towels. Its primary function is to dry your towels – eliminating unpleasant odors and keeping them hygienic and dry every time you shower. In addition, heated towel racks kill up to 90% of the bacteria on towels instead of letting them air dry while adding a luxurious touch of warmth to your self-care routine. They’re designed to be used all year round, and this technology is a highly effective way to combat germs in the home.

2. Skin practices for healthy and attractive skin.

While many men recognize the importance of showering, shaving, and brushing their teeth, skincare is often overlooked or neglected. Using a clean, sanitized, and even a heated face towel when managing skincare and using good quality skincare products can prevent sunburns and keep your skin looking better, fresher, and younger. In addition, to avoid spots and blemishes, consider a sheet or clay face mask once a week to help moisture and clean the skin. Finally, practice exfoliating twice a week to remove dead skin from building up and causing blackheads and acne.

3. Advance your dental hygiene practices

According to a national survey, it showed that men were 20% less likely than women to brush their teeth twice a day. Yet, brushing your teeth is the basics of good oral hygiene that most people diligently practice, as the consequences of choosing not to can be an expensive and painful endeavour. To enhance your dental routine, consider flossing. You can use regular floss if you are on a budget, or if you are more committed, you can consider buying a rechargeable water flosser. It can help prevent plaque build-up and gum disease.

Image Credit: Visoo Emotive Imagery.

4. Upgrade your bathroom accessories.

Many bathroom fixtures are affixed superficially, like towel bars, soap dishes, and toilet paper holders. However, as men can be a bit heavy-handed, it’s worth upgrading to sturdier fixtures and accessories. These upgrades can save you time and headache down the road since they require fewer repairs and replacements. Additionally, great fixtures mean you can focus on grooming in a bathroom that stays functional for years to come.

5. Keep it organized.

Nothing can wreck your morning like scrambling to find something you need to prepare for the day. An organization system, like a shower rack, can keep all of your grooming products tidy. Bathroom Butler offers a Shower Rack with a grid base to prevent water from collecting and turning your soapy into sludge. In addition, it keeps it all in one place can reduce the chance that these items will pick up germs from other bathroom surfaces.

The morning routine for many men will most likely continue to evolve over the years, especially as new products are introduced and self-care continues to trend as a hot topic for men. However, by using these tips, men can tap into some great strategies that will take their daily grooming regimen to the next level and keep them looking great and feeling confident today and throughout the winter months ahead.

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