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Delfogo Rx Neck & Chest V-Covery Cream Review


We have done reviews for many different neck and chest creams but when the question of the effectiveness of the cream comes, it always comes down to what ingredients have been used in the production. A skin care product’s strength and effectiveness always come down to one thing, the formulation of the product. If the manufacturer doesn’t use a tried and tested formula, the cream will come out to be nothing more than a useless product.

So today we are reviewing the Delfogo rx neck and chest v-covery  cream by SkinPro. The reason why we chose this product to review is because the formula used to create this cream is on par with some of the best creams in the industry. Let’s look at the details of the cream.

Delfogo rx neck and chest v-covery cream is a very amazing product if you feel you are starting to look old as your skin begins to form wrinkles and starts to tear down. Unfortunately for us, the skin on the neck and chest are the first one to show the signs of aging and this can seriously impact the way you look. The skin on the neck is generally weaker and loose, hence over the years, it is the first one to start to show signs of aging. But we are happy to have found a product that can actually work to fix this issue in many women.

The secret of the effectiveness of Delfogo lies in the formulation used. The cream uses some of the most powerful and effective ingredients combined together to make it a perfect cream for your neck skin.

If you are serious about getting rid of wrinkles on your neck, stop wasting your money on sub standard creams and try Delfogo today.

Let’s have a detailed look at the ingredients at work in Delfogo

Hyaluronic acid – The ingredient is best known to replenish moisture in the skin and helps revitalize the outer layer of the skin to bring back the young and supple look of the skin.

Squalane – this is an oil that naturally occurs in our bodies, the ingredient acts to moisturize and restore the balance of skin oil in the area.

Teprenone – This ingredient helps improve the performance of the antioxidents in the skin and holds the moisture in the skin making it impossible to form wrinkles. The ingredient also fights back any kind of skin dehydration, texture impairment and redness whenever it occurs in the pores of the skin.

Caprylic – This is an extremely effective ingredient that helps in replenishing the surface of the skin by inhibiting moisture loss. The ingredient is basically the main agent that helps in tightening the skin.

When this highly effective and powerful ingredients are combined, we get the Delfogo neck and chest cream which earns our respect for being a highly trusted and dependable skin care product especially if you have started showing the effects of aging on your neck and chest.

George Lavas

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