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Style Icon: Matt Bomer

Whether you’ve watched the White Collar TV series or not, you’ll have a lot to learn from this series’ main character: Matt Bomer (a.k.a Nick Caffrey on the show). If elegance is what you’re looking for, rest assured you’ll find plenty of inspiration throughout Matthew’s lookbook.

Outfit #1

Let’s start with my absolute favorite: a picture of Matt wearing a tie clip, a hat and a pocket square.

What I love most about this outfit is that, because the contrast is not very strong, the three classic accessories are getting all the attention.

Here’s what I mean. If Matt was wearing a shirt in a bold color (such as yellow or green) with a pattern (such as vertical stripes or checks) and a colored pocket square… it would have been too much for him.

Obviously, for a TV character, he couldn’t have distracted the viewer’s attention from the screenplay by wearing outfits that are too bold but…

… it’s up to YOU and only you to decide how much you want to stand out. Just make sure before you do that, that the FIT is perfect. If you’re wearing outfits that aren’t your size, the last thing you want is to have everyone’s eyes on you.

Before we move on to the next outfit, there is one style rule that Matt didn’t follow in this photo. Did you spot it?

It’s the shirt’s cuff, of course! It should be spotted from beneath the suit jacket. If this is your case as well, this means that either the shirt’s sleeves are too short, that the suit jacket is too long or both.

Outfit #2

While this outfit isn’t as bold as the previous one, you can see in action a very old formal style rule: if you’re wearing a white shirt, the pocket square should be white as well.

But that’s not all. notice how the dark-gray suit has some black on it. This black matches perfectly with the silk tie. This sort of match can be hard to achieve because it’s hard to find suits like these.

Outfit #3

It was hard for me to find a casual outfit of Matt but, nevertheless, here it is.

Truth be told, I’m a little disappointed because of the lack of color but I DO like the fedora and the glasses. They give him a mysterious air which you can have as well if you’re willing to try this combination.

OK, these are the last of his photos. What do you think of Matt’s style? Do you think he’s too boring? Or, maybe, he’s a great inspiration as far as business outfits are concerned?

Outfit #4

Outfit #5

George Lavas

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