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Compelling Reasons Why Students Should Wear Uniforms in College


On the list of the most emotive questions in the mind of a college student lies this critical question, “What to wear in university?”  The reason is that modern university campuses have become an embodiment of a false sense of unregulated freedom especially in matters relating to clothing. For an average university learner, the only lecture they recognize has to do with the materials that will help them to graduate with first class honors. Anything that touches what they need to wear inside their school compound and lecture halls is frowned upon as a “gross violation of their fundamental right.” But as days move on, we are seeing a shift in attitudes among different players in the education sector owing to the abuse of freedom. do my essay

For instance, the University of Swansea in the United Kingdom has reintroduced uniforms for all its students as long as they are on campus. This is what Professor Marc Clement of the School of Management said: “This is a great step in the right direction. We at the School of Management love finding things to manage and by having this new policy we can manage the student body in a much more manageable way. Manage.” Read on here to see some of the reasons that the proponents of this new move are presenting to argue their case. By the way if you need some help with writing essay or other works to forward to do my essay .

It is a symbol of identity

The first reason why we need the introduction of uniforms in our university campuses is the need for students to look learners even from afar. The same way it is right to present one’s student ID cards, introducing uniforms will also help people to distinguish between students and other members of the college community.

It saves money

Another reason why it is necessary to introduce uniforms is that they will help students to save money, especially those ones coming from poor backgrounds. For instance, an average student spends $780 per year on fashion clothes so that they can “fit” on campus. The reason is that such students can make enough savings if they use a couple of uniforms and use them on other more necessary items such as food and books.

If uniforms are introduced, such female and fashion-conscious students will spend less than $155 per annum on the same.

It saves time

An average girl student spends at least a half an hour per day titivating herself before attending her lectures. On the other hand, a university boy will spend an average of 20 minutes dressing to look “cool.” But if the only thing they have to wear is their uniform, they can save at least 15 minutes of that time. With such savings, students can use that saved time to do other important things such as spending more time with their family instead of getting to school in a hurry.

It can boost employment

With the introduction of uniforms, opportunities for supplying uniforms will open for those who are in the textile industry because universities will need suppliers.

The question of introducing uniforms in universities is emotive. However, a few universities have introduced them while others are still musing over the idea. With the idea gaining momentum, it is still a matter of wait-and-see for most students.

George Lavas

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