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What do popular charms really mean?

Charm bracelets or necklaces can make the perfect gift for a loved one. Whether you’re looking for a romantic present for that someone special or a thoughtful gift for a friend or relative, these delicate trinkets can be ideal. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself what these pieces of jewellery actually mean?

Keep reading to discover what some of the most popular charms really represent.


It’ll come as no surprise that heart-shaped trinkets are used to symbolise love, affection and passion. As jewellery specialists Kigu of London point out, the heart has been used to represent romance since the middle ages. Meanwhile, when it has an arrow crossing through it, this symbol said to represent a captured heart. These charms are also identified with life, power, guidance and truth.


Feather charms can mean many different things to different people, including lightness, protection, truth and freedom. Also, in certain religions they’re associated with angels and are said to represent prayer and faith. To some, feathers are some seen as a symbol of good luck.

Feather charms can mean many different things to different people, including lightness, protection, truth and freedom.


One of nature’s great transformers – turning first from a caterpillar into a chrysalis and then into beautiful winged insect – butterflies have long been associated with change. Butterfly charms are also used to represent colour and joy.


One of the most personal charms you can give to a loved one, lockets are associated with treasured memories. Often containing small items like miniature photos, they’re traditionally passed down as heirlooms.

Tree of Life

Charms depicting the Tree of Life can have a variety of meanings. For example, some people see them as showing that everything on Earth is connected, while others use them to symbolise different generations of a family. They’re also used to represent harmony, wisdom and healing.

Angel wing

Angel wings are typically given a spiritual meaning and they can also be used to show protection and love. They’re often given as a message that the receiver has a guardian angel watching over them, meaning they’re not alone.

If you want to find out more about the meaning of charms, you can take a look at the ‘What Does Your Charm Bracelet Really Mean?’ infographic created by Kigu of London.



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