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Facebook Plans to Unveil CV or Résumé Feature to help Job Seekers


Facebook is now becoming more important in different areas of our lives, it’s now more than just a social media network but it is a tool we can all rely on. Even real money casinos at online casino websites are beginning to feel the need to be on the network.

The social media giant has added a number of new features this year and continues to add more. Facebook plans to introduce a new feature that will help job seekers to find their dream jobs. The company has confirmed that it could soon unveil Facebook Résumé feature and is currently testing it. This CV feature will be called Work Histories and its aim is to expand Facebook marketplace job postings.

Some social recruitment platforms such as LinkedIn will definitely feel the heat due to this new development. Facebook users are allowed to create their resumes or job profiles and share them on the social media platform during a job hunt. These resumes can be also accessed by recruitment agencies and company.

The CV function will include different CV parts like personal contact details, work experience and qualifications (degrees, courses or certificates).

Facebook has not yet specified if the feature is going to be part of or independent of user’s profile. This update is in its last stages of being developed and is expected to be rolled out in the coming weeks or month.

Moreover, users will be able to put their work experience, contact details and education information from their profile section straight to the resume feature. Once the update is rolled out it will be convenient for job seekers and recruiters including real money online casino companies. Recruitment agencies will have a large pool of potential candidates to recruit from.

The company launched Facebook Marketplace that is used to post job ads and CV feature will likely complement the Marketplace. Users will be able to search for jobs near them and subscribe for new job posting notifications.

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