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Google Pixel 2 XL Review

google pixel

The Google Pixel 2 XL is one of the best Android phones to be released in 2017. It has received good remarks and critics from customers and smartphones reviewers. Besides the criticism it faced, the smartphone is the best phone under the Google brand so far. Compared to the Nexus 5X released in 2015 I can certainly say there are many improvements in all main features from the camera, processor, screen resolution, battery and the appearance.

It is the first smartphone to have the eSIM technology. This technology means that a physical SIM is no longer required. The smartphone has eSIM which is great but the only disadvantage it only works with Project Fi in the United States, customers from other countries can’t use it.

The phone is waterproof and can be used in harsh conditions. Project Fi is a wireless carrier owned by Google and it operates in the United States. What is impressive about Google Pixel 2 XL is superfine 12.2 MP rear camera and 8MP front-facing camera. The cameras take quality pictures anytime either during the day or in the evening. Google Pixel 2 XL has HDR+ processing that produces top quality pictures.

The battery life is also good and it lasts more than 24 hours, you can respond to your emails, texts, make phone calls, take some pictures and play best online pokies real money for about 4 hours on one charge.

It comes without the 3.5mm headphone jack, therefore, using the headphones is wireless. The phone speed is ok and is powered by popular Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor that is used in the latest smartphones. Obviously, Google Pixel 2 XL runs on latest Android Oreo operating system.

Google Pixel 2 XL is in two versions, 64GB and 128 GB and the purchase price start at $849 and $949 respectively.

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