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Tech Review: Must Have Phone Accessory – myFlipShade

We have just discovered an accessory that we think could be a big this summer and is extremely useful for all smart phone users. myFlipShade has been designed and created to block the sunlight from making it difficult to read the text on your phone. The myFlipShade is also great for blocking other people looking at  your screen when in close quarters.

What is myFlipShade

Turn a little to the left, now the right, cup a hand around the screen and lean over it, you almost have to be a contortionist to be able to read your smartphone screen in the sun. Smartphones might be able to answer nearly every life question and keep you connected with friends and family around the world, but they are not made to withstand the elements.

Attach the myFlipShade accessory to any smartphone and quickly deploy a pop-up shade to block sunlight, rain and snow from your device screen so you can use it without squinting or bending in any outdoor conditions.

myFlipShade also doubles as a privacy shield so prying eyes cannot peak at your screen. Nothing is more awkward than when you are sending a racy or shady message, and someone tries to look are your screen. You rip your phone away like it’s a grenade then try to pretend like it was no big deal, but everyone knows you were up to something. With myFlipShade, you can open messages from your significant other at work without worrying about what kind of photos might be inside. Call out any shade in your posse with a post that is on fleek without your bestie being able to read over your shoulder. And, of course, keep that embarrassing email from mom to yourself.

myFlipShade slides onto the top of a smartphone and stays in place using a durable adhesive strip. The shade neatly tucks behind the phone when not in use and easily flips around when needed to prevent glare, weather, or pesky eyes. The thin profile of the shade doesn’t add bulk and is compatible with cases and other phone accessories like credit card holders and stands, but the myFlipShade itself can be used to prop up a smartphone to watch videos as well. You can even charge wirelessly without removing your myFlipShade.

“The glare from the sun on my smartphone always bothered me and I thought there had to be a fun simple way to solve this,” said myFlipShade creator Julie Pickens.

“After creating the myFlipShade prototype and using it, I realized there are so many benefits. Not only was I done squinting at my screen, I didn’t have to worry about people looking over my shoulder at my phone anymore. I also love the fun designs and colors we are debuting myFlipShade in that add a little excitement and personality to my phone.”

The hottest new smartphone accessory comes in several fun colors and patterns to match any mood or personality and it is compatible with most versions of iPhone. myFlipShade retails for $9.99 and cWn be purchased from Amazon and Target.

About myFlipShade

myFlipShade is a convenient flip-over shade that allows smartphone users to read their screen in direct sunlight by preventing glare and adds a barrier of protection that blocks pesky eyes from reading the screen. For more information, visit www.mycharge.com.

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