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Technology Used in Land-based Casinos

Land-based casinos are now also moving with the times. This as they are making sure to install various security measures to ensure that all the games are fair and that people do not cheat. And these are just but a few of those technologies that they use.

Land-Based Casino Security Technology

License Plate Readers

Since thieves and scammers always target Les meilleurs jeux de casino en ligne, they have since introduced license plate readers. Such that as soon as the car gets to the parking lot, the number plate is scanned. And if it was revealed that that same car has been the scene of other casino thefts, you will quickly be escorted off the property before you even make it.

Biometric Face Recognition

Just in case you managed to mask your number plate, at the door you will be met with biometric face scanners. These scan your face as soon as you make your way through the doors of the casino. And to add on that, it is run through a number of casino databases, just to make sure that your face “clean”. Such if you have ever committed a casino crime, you will be stopped immediately.

Angel Eye

Angel Eye was created to catch those who swap cards at the table. Take for instance you have dealt a bad hand you want to change it. However, with Angel Eye is impossible to do so. This is because in land-based casinos where Angel Eye is used, each of the cards has a unique barcode placed on it with invisible ink and the dealing shoe keeps tracks of it and its an easy place to learn How to bet on Soccer and Win. with Angle Eye, it’s like you are now playing at online casinos, where you have the chance of changing even if you have a deck beside you.


TableEye21 is a robust software that keeps track of all that is happening in the casino. This includes the dealers rounds per hour, trend reports and each player winning percentage. Such that should you try to count cards, you will be caught within a few minutes.

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