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Launching a Motivational Speaking Business


Discover ways to promote a startup. Consider launching a motivational speaking business. It is cheap and entertaining. Find basic tips for beginners here.

How Should You Start a Motivational Speaking Business?

Being a passionate speaker is a talent. Being a motivational speaker is a precious gift because besides speaking with passion you will be able other people change their lives for good. If you like speaking in front of a crowd, adore when people are listening to you attentively, consider starting your own coaching or motivational speaking business.

There are few reasons to launch this kind of business right now, according to https://www.forbes.com:

  • Low start-up costs;
  • Small time investment;
  • Element of entertainment.

Time investment and research are the key requirements you need to fulfill in order to start any kind of business. Motivation speaking or coaching is not an exception. However, except these essential requirements, there are a couple of expert recommendations you can’t afford to ignore:

  • Identification of your expertise area. From the professional point of view, you are to consider your education, background, interest, and talents. Ask yourself: What can I teach other people or, at least, give an expert advice? Maybe, you are a real estate guru, have a long-term experience in the medical field or have a degree in business. It is important to consider your really strong and weak points.
  • Develop a speech including your personal point of view and truly unique expert recommendation. Your speech must be important to the target audience and, preferably, inspire certain actions. For example, a person who specializes in dietary methods can teach other people how to lose weight without hurting themselves, do it quickly and with a stable result.
  • Almost any target audience is interested in your time management strategies.

  • Make sure that your speech is interesting and passionate. One thing is to prepare for the speech, the totally different one is to create a really memorable and motivational speech that can change the opinion of your audience. You can use the tips given by expert public speakers – .
  • Obtain training. Learn from the best coaches. For example, you can take the courses offered by The National Speakers Association or take a public speaking class at a local college.
  • Join a speaking organization like The Professional Speaking Association or The American Speakers Bureau. These are the networks of professional motivational/coaching/public speakers where you can find friends, investors, partners, counselors, teachers and other important contacts.

Other ways of starting your coaching/motivational speaking business:

  • Join trade groups. Colleges, clubs, and non-profit organizations;
  • Make business cards, brochures;
  • Create a website with testimonials and clips from your live presentations.

How can you make your motivational speaking business successful?

Once you have practiced your speech, organized your business online and offline, you can make the marketing gears turning by promoting your business:

  • Make the list of all target audiences (companies, organizations) that you’d like to speak to. If necessary, get the memberships to different coaching organizations. This may be very helpful until you’ll find your loyal audience;
  • Create a page-long promotional sheet instead of a detailed resume. It should profile you as a speaker;
  • Reach out. Visit the joined groups and associations. Go everywhere whey they are eager to listen to your speeches. Build your community. Give and collect business cards, share your email, social media contacts. Always, get ready to answer many phone calls;
  • Get as many feedback and testimonials from the people who hired you and visited your speeches. This will be a powerful leverage for your business;
  • Records of your public presentation, writing books and publishing the supporting materials to sell during your live presentations.

How to beat the fear of public speaking?

If your hands get clammy and cold, you tremble and are short of breath before going to a stage, you may have a sort of public speaking phobia. It is one of the most common phobias in the world. But if you are going to start a promotional/motivation speaking business, you are to overcome it by any cost.

Here are a few tips to assist you:

  • Practice, practice, practice. The more you practice to speak in front of people, the better and easier it will become for you. Always keep in mind the major points of your speech and stick to them if you have lost the thought because of a panic attack during your public speech;
  • Baby steps. At first, train speaking in front of the mirror, then for a small group of friends. When you think you are ready for a larger audience, set up a meeting with potential clients or business partners/investors;
  • Keep your speech clean and interesting. If possible, inject it with some jokes, but no indecencies.

The most important recommendation for the beginners of motivational speaking/coaching business is trying your best, not expect too much and speak as much to as many people as you can. Good luck!

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