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3 Ways to Buy a Bigger Looking Diamond Engagement Ring

Your engagement is one of the most important moments in life, right next to your wedding and your child being born. The engagement ring is a memento of that moment, a symbol of your everlasting love to your bride-to-be. Therefore it’s no wonder why diamond engagement rings are the most popular ones in the market. Diamonds represent the unique nature and strength of your love, and they don’t say diamonds are a girl’s best friend for no reason.

But some future grooms have a very limited budget and cannot afford a diamond engagement ring like the ones that adorn the hands of celebrities. But don’t despair! You can still get a stunning engagement ring, even on a budget. The key is in choosing a diamond and the setting that will give off the illusion of size, while not being necessarily as expensive as large diamond rings. In this article, we’ll tell you how.

Choose the Diamond Cut Carefully

By now you’ve probably familiarized yourself with how to choose a diamond and the famous 4C’s of diamonds. However, many people choosing a diamond ring only relate size to the diamond’s carat weight. And this is one of the biggest mistakes men tend to make. And while it does indicate the size of the diamond, it’s not the only determining factor.

The cut is very important for the size of the diamond, perhaps as important as the carat weight. The cut determines not only the shape of the diamond but also how it reflects and absorbs light. This directly affects the brilliance of the diamond. But the cut can also make a diamond appear larger than another diamond of the same carat weight.

The trick is to choose the shape wisely. Cuts like pear, princess, emerald or others featuring an elongated shape immediately draw the eye and will make your diamond appear larger than a diamond with a round cut.

Another important thing to mention is that these diamonds cost less as there’s less wasted material than it’s the case with the most popular round cut.

You Can Save a Lot on Diamond Clarity

Another often neglected item in the 4 Cs is the clarity. But to understand how it can affect the price, you first have to understand what clarity is.

Natural diamonds possess some imperfections, often referred to as inclusions. These are cracks that develop inside the diamond as it is formed. Jewelers use special tools to determine the clarity of the diamond. However, most of these cracks are often invisible to the naked eye. But even if they cannot be seen, they can significantly reduce the price of the diamond. That way you could get a bigger diamond with a lower clarity grade that still looks brilliant on the surface.

Place it in a Halo Setting

Moving on to the setting, another important aspect of the appearance of the diamond. When it comes to making the diamond appear larger, one of the oldest tricks in the book is to place the diamond inside a halo setting. That means surrounding one larger diamond with several smaller ones forming a halo around it. Smaller diamonds are significantly less expensive than larger ones. Additionally, as the price is determined by the carat weight, two half carat diamonds cost less than a one carat diamond.

Finally, the size of the setting also plays an important part in creating the illusion of a bigger ring. If you place a moderately sized diamond on a bulky band, it will appear much smaller than it actually is. But if you place an elongated diamond on a slim band, the gemstone will appear much larger.

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