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Three Ways Your Lifestyle Might Have Led You To A Hair Transplant


Having a hair transplant doesn’t just change someone’s appearance, it can also change their life for the better and provide a confidence boost. For anyone that has suffered from alopecia or developed hereditary pattern baldness, it can be the perfect solution. However, the route to needing drastic measures can be prevented if the cause of hair loss is not based on genetics. Some people’s lifestyles can also be a contributing factor to preventable hair loss. Here are three common lifestyle factors that could be the cause.

Hair Styles & Products

Whilst your hairstyle alone won’t cause unnecessary strain to your hair follicles, the products you use to style, wash and wear your hair can have an adverse effect. Choosing to wear your hair in a tight bun or ponytail, or any other style that pulls on the hair unnaturally will cause excessive strain. Individual hair follicles can become damaged and literally pull away from your scalp. A common sign of this is a receding hairline or even patches of hair loss, with traction alopecia a direct result of tight styles. Many medical tourists will seek a hair transplant Turkey procedure to reverse the effects of permanent hair loss, but if the cause is from strain or certain products, it’s best to avoid using them or wearing your hair down until hair starts to regrow first. Some of the chemicals present in shampoos or hair dye can weaken the hair and cause them to dry out and fall out also.


We all know that what we decide to eat and drink will have an effect on our general health and weight, but what about the strength of our hair? The diet you choose may have a huge impact on your hair health, especially if you are not consuming enough of the right vitamins and minerals. High levels of saturated fat, sugar, and salt found in many junk food items will be low in essential vitamins and minerals, meaning healthy hair growth will be difficult. Protein from meat, eggs, nuts, and oily fish is essential as well as vitamins A, B, C, Folic acid, and Zinc to name a few to help promote healthy hair follicles and avoid premature hair loss.


In the same way avoiding an unhealthy diet is essential to your overall health, smoking has many negative aspects. Smoking will affect the circulation of blood through the body, and this means it will affect the hair follicles which need a steady supply of oxygen to grow properly. Over time, the hair growth/loss cycle will not be as effective and begin to slow, leading to hair loss prematurely. As smoking also accelerates the signs of ageing, this means hair loss can occur much quicker when compared to a healthy non-smoker.

If you are beginning to notice hair loss and slower hair regrowth, check to see what aspects of your lifestyle could be causing this, especially if you have no family history of baldness or other hereditary diseases. A hair specialist will always take into account these factors before recommending any treatment or eventual hair transplant.

George Lavas

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