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6 Remarkable Hotel Deals for Winter Vacation 2021

Do you prefer pure white snow over the sprawling sand? Do you love the winter season a little more than summer? If yes, then it is pretty likely that you would have been dreaming about a magnificent winter vacation for an eternity and it is high time that you stop postponing it because of budget restrictions. Thanks to brands like Hotel.com, Airbnb, Priceline, Expedia, Booking.com, and more, travellers can finally breathe a sigh of relief because hotel accommodation bookings just got a lot more affordable and convenient. Enjoy incredible savings with these top 6 remarkable hotel deals for winter vacation that we have brought for you. Have a look!

1. Up to 70% Savings, Hotels.com

Did you get so busy fantasizing about that perfect winter vacation that you forgot to make the final hotel bookings? Well, don’t stress, we have just the perfect deal to get you out of this last minute mess. Thanks to the remarkable hotel deals for winter vacations by hotels.com, travellers can now relax because last minute hotel booking has never been this easy and inexpensive. Yes, you heard that right. By making your hotel bookings at Hotels.com, you can enjoy up to 70% savings on your final bill value. Best part? This hotel deal allows you to make bookings in a plenty of top locations such as Florida, Orlando, New York, Las Vegas, San Diego, and many more. You will also be pleasantly surprised to know that Hotels.com also offers its users a chance to earn up to $100 cashback on hotel bookings.

#Tip: Apart from the all time remarkable hotel deals, hotels.com also offers its users an extra savings chance with the help of exclusive discounts of at least 10% for members, military personnel, government employees, students, and teachers.

2. Save up to 50% on Bookings, Priceline

Is the cash flow a bit limited at the moment but you can’t put off the travel cravings anymore? Well, you are not alone in this struggle. However, what if we tell you that we have found out a remarkable hotel deal for winter vacation for you that can slash down your hotel booking bills up to half? No, we are not kidding. Thanks to Priceline, this dream has turned into a reality. Under the ongoing Priceline deals, users can avail up to 50% savings on all bookings including hotels, flights, cars, travel packages, and more. The best thing about this deal is that it is bound by no minimum transaction value limits and stands valid in all U.S. locations. There is another express Priceline hotel deal which offers up to 60% on hotel bookings in all the participating locations within the U.S. All users can take advantage of these remarkable hotel deals from Priceline to fulfill their dream winter vacation plans.

#Tip: Also, new users are entitled to avail an extra 10% discount on their very first booking via the platform.

3. Maximum 70% Discount, Expedia

Gone are the days when hotel bookings used to be stressful and would cost a fortune. Nowadays, thanks to the sea of remarkable hotel deals, it has become increasingly convenient for the travellers to book good hotels at their desired locations, that too while scoring exuberant savings. Take the Expedia deal for instance, under which all users can redeem a maximum 70% discount on their hotel, cruise, and even flight bookings. All in all, with Expedia you not only get to save on your accommodation but also get to cut down your overall travel expense. Apart from that, Expedia also offers a flat 30% off exclusively on hotel bookings. Using this deal you can book yourself a hotel at top locations such as Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Myrtle Beach, Orlando, Miami, Richmond, and many more exotic places.

#Tip: Make your hotel bookings with the official Expedia app to avail an extra 40% off. You will also be pleased to know that you can plan your dream winter vacation under the nominal price of $1000 with Expedia.

4. Make Hotel Bookings with $0 Fees, Booking.com

Have you been dreaming of staying at a specific hotel for a long time? But the budget restrictions always pose a hurdle between you and your dream hotel? Not anymore! With Booking.com at your rescue, you have nothing to worry about. Explore a myriad of leading hotel options available and choose the one you like the most, that too at your convenience in just a few clicks. The best part? With the help of remarkable hotel deals for winter vacation, users can bag huge savings up to 50% on bookings. However, the title of the spotlight deal would undoubtedly be bestowed upon this deal which allows users to make hotel bookings with $0 fees. Yes, you heard that right. Now users can book their desired hotels at no extra charges or minimum booking value.

#Tip: Booking.com offers a plenty of member exclusive deals as well under which members can redeem up to 15% discount on hotel bookings along with free breakfast and free room upgrades.

5. Extra 30% off on Hotel Bookings, Airbnb

A well renowned name in the world of accommodation booking industry, Airbnb is widely recognised for its extensive collection and affordable price range. The brand launches exciting deals and discounts from time to time to help all the wanderlust souls to enjoy maximum savings on their travel endeavours. After a long day of sightseeing and exploring, one needs an accommodation that offers complete comfort and you get just that at Airbnb, that too at an extra 30% discount. Apart from this, there are plenty of other remarkable hotel deals for winter vacation at Airbnb for you as well. If you are certain about your vacation destination, then you would be pleased to know that you can redeem location-specific discounts on hotel bookings at Airbnb too. Some of the top locations at which you enjoy major savings on hotel bookings would be Los Angeles, Washington, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, New York, and many more.

#Tip: There is another remarkable hotel deal for winter vacations at Airbnb, exclusively reserved for healthcare workers. They can book their stays at $0 cost.

6. Up to 60% Discount on Hotels, Hotwire

Are you searching for ways to save huge on your hotel bookings? Look no further! Thanks to the currently active Hotwire Hotel Deals, all users can redeem up to 60% savings on their bookings. Best part? This remarkable hotel deal for winter vacation stands valid in all of the U.S. cities and can be redeemed by both new as well as existing customers. Another pleasant thing about this deal which makes it even more appealing is that it does not apply any minimum transaction fees on the booking. If you are willing to relax in pure luxury on this vacation without exhausting a fortune, then you may also like this super-saving Hotwire coupon which allows users to book some of the top Hotwire luxury hotels under the price of $99 only in several hotspot locations such as Manhattan, Dallas San Diego, Chicago, and so on.

#Tip: If you wish to save more on your hotel booking, then it is recommended that you make your hotel bookings via the official Hotwire mobile app. New users, service providers, and military personnel get extra savings on Hotwire.

A good accommodation is as important for a traveller, as is a good resolution camera for a photographer. You need a good hotel to relax, recharge and rejuvenate your energy after a tiring day of sightseeing to go back exploring out there the next day. This list of top 6 remarkable hotels deals for winter vacation will help you book desired hotels at affordable prices. Happy travelling!

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